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Systems Design and Integration
Motion Control Technologies
Complete In-House Repair Services
Custom Power Unit Manufacturing
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Product Component Sales
Field Service Installation
With our many years of experience serving the mobile and industrial hydraulics industry - repairing components, Designing complete hydraulic and control systems and supplying hydraulic components, we take great pride in our ability to offer unbeatable services, excellent reliability and an extensive product offering.
Systems Design & Integration
Concept design, CAD drawings, complete delivery systems, complete electronic control systems, complete component supply.
We make our customers concepts a reality with our dedicated experienced personnel we can breathe life into their creation.
Motion Control Technologies
Complete automation, panel manufacturing in house, wireless control or hard wired control, latest technology in electronic / hydraulic motion control technologies.
Complete In-House Repair Services
250 HP Dino test stand, qualified factory authorized experienced technicians.
With years of customer service we have come to be known as the guys that can take on what the other guys only dare to. With our excellent reliability immediate service and high quality repairs business is growing!
Custom Power Unit Manufacturing
We supply pre-manufactured and custom HPU’s for a variety of industries and with extensive requirements. We also build ours in-house from 5 -2000+ gallon capacity reservoirs.
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Product Component Sales
We have an extensive inventory on hand at our warehouse to provide quick turnaround of most whatever our customers’ needs may be. First-Class Expert sales personnel to assist and address our customers needs.
Field Service Installation

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